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Rocquaine from Rue de la Folie.

Walk R9. Les Tielles to Mont Herault and back

Time: 1 hour.

A map of the walk can be found here.

This is a very pleasant walk over a relatively level cliff path which enjoys views over fields on one side, while on the other it follows close to the rim of some of Guernsey's steepest cliffs. We return through lanes and paths giving views across to part of Guernsey's west coast at Rocquaine and over to Lihou Island. Note that there are no facilities on this walk, so you will need to carry your own food and drink. Or if you wish, an optional detour could be made to the facilities at Pleinmont (for which see the second paragraph of walk R10) from either La Rue du Rocher or Rue de la Folie (points A and B on the map).

Park in the little car park at Les Tielles. Note that the lane leading down to Les Tielles is narrow (max car width 6 ½ feet), with part granite hedges on each side. Take care as you approach the car park, since the cliffs here are steep and unforgiving, even though the parking area is protected by a low wall.

If you come by bus (routes 91 and 94 from Town, 92 and 93 from Pleinmont), you will need to get off in Pleinmont Road (La Route de Pleinmont) near the end of the lane to Les Tielles. Start the walk with my last paragraph below.

Leave the car park by heading west along the flat path, with the spire of Torteval Church in view to your right. You can see the watch house at Mont Herault on the horizon ahead.

After a few minutes, at a point where the path runs gently downhill, you can look down and back to see a natural archway through a jutting out piece of cliff below. Continue along the path, passing a section with wire fencing where the cliff edges are crumbly, to pass in front of Mont Herault Watch House (20 minutes), and then curve around to meet a track, where we will turn left. First though, it's worth having a quick look at the watch house, and the information board just inside its door. Then return back down the track.

At the end of this short track, turn right onto the metalled lane. This bends to the right then the left, and you start to get views straight ahead to Lihou Island. The road does a second right and left, then reaches Pleinmont Road (and the bus route). Go almost straight across (half left across) into La Rue du Rocher.

Go downhill and round the right hand bend, then turn sharp left to continue downhill to a fork (point A on the map). Turn right here, where the notice says "Steep hill unsuitable for large vehicles". In fact this hill is not as steep as the notice might lead you to believe. After the top of the hill the lane bends to the right then left, and you get further views down into Rocquaine.

After a further right turn take the left fork at a junction (Rue de Rougeval). After a few paces pass Le Rougeval on your left, and immediately turn left down a narrow path between hedges, which runs to the left of the wide drive to the next house along the road - Rue de la Folie.

Continue down the path, with Lihou Island straight ahead. When you reach a metalled road by a house (point B on the map) keep straight ahead (half right) up the hill. The road rises to a T junction where we turn left, then almost immediately take the first turning on the right (Rue de la Croute). The spire of Torteval Church comes back into view and we head towards it.

At a cross roads in a little dip keep straight on (Rue Courtil Laurent), soon walking up a short but steepish bit of hill. Then continue straight, entering a lane with a "No through road" symbol on a sign. This soon becomes a metalled footpath which arrives at Torteval Church. Take the path over the grass behind (to the left of) the Church, and turn left down the metalled lane.

After a few paces you pass a water trough with a pump, after which take the first right into a lane leading into Rue des Simons. Turn right at the next junction and soon arrive back at the main road and bus route.

Turn left along the main road. If you came by bus you will find your bus stop in a few paces near the end of Rue des Tielles. Otherwise turn right into Rue des Tielles (Signed with a "No through road" symbol, and another sign about maximum width. Opposite these on a granite block by the pump it is signed to Les Tielles). You are soon back at the car park. (1 hour).

(Revised October 2009)