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A Winter Storm at Grandes Rocques.

The flat west and north-east coats are rather more built up than our cliff coastline, and also incorporate the commercial areas around St Sampsons Harbour in the north-east, and the town surrounding St Peter Port Harbour in the east.

Nevertheless (or maybe even because of this, depending on what interests you) they offer a variety of pleasant and often scenic easy walking.

While the coastal parts of these walks are generally quite flat, some of the return routes have a few ups and downs. If you prefer to stay on the flat coastal path, you can of course retrace your steps, or make other transport arrangements (for example bus routes 91 and 92 follow most of the west coastal road).

Starting at Portinfer a cycle path runs northwards along the coast virtually continuously as far as Ladies Bay where the "official" signed path ends. Less officially this can then be followed fairly continuously as far as Beaucette Marina, and then intermittently as far as Bordeaux. (Note there are penalties for cycling on the grass of L'Ancresse Common itself). A cycle path also runs around Belle Greve Bay from Richmond Corner to St Peter Port. Some of these walks follow parts of these paths.

As with the cliff walks, if you find the specified walks are too short, it should be fairly easy to string one or more together to make a longer continuous walk.